□ Product Variability: Sensory INSIGHTS, STRATEGIES and SOLUTIONS Part I and II

Workshop: Product Variability and QC/sensory Approaches: Sensory INSIGHTS, STRATEGIES and SOLUTIONS

Part I: Measuring product variability and understanding its impact on sensory R&D, QC and QA projects
Focuses on technical and business issues related to product variability. Learn how to measure and use it in sensory R&D, QA and QC projects. Explore how to establish business relevant variability bench appraisals.

Part II: Improving or establishing successful QC/sensory programs
Apply product variability information to measure and control critical production variables to successfully maximize plant output. Develop reliable consumer based quality specifications. Acquaint yourself with the best techniques to implement an in-plant QC/sensory program.

A copy of Sensory Evaluation in Quality Control (Muñoz et al, 1992) will be provided to participants.


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