╚► S6. Product Lexicons

The ability to describe the company’s sensory properties among technical and business professionals  by learning sensory lexicons is the key to effective product cuttings/bench appraisals and other internal communicationA. Muñoz

Do you need to acquaint your managers, researchers/product developers or marketing/market research professionals with:

  • the sensory attributes/lexicons of your company’s products?
  • sensory/consumer methods and their applications?
  • data interpretation approaches?



These workshops are conducted for product developers, managers and market/marketing research, quality control and assurance professionals.

Topics include

  • Generation of lexicons by a descriptive panel
  • Main characteristics of sensory descriptive lexicons
    • Desirable/positive  lexicons
    • Flawed lexicons and issues
  • Sensory lexicons for the company’s non-sensory staff
    • Do’s and don’ts
    • Generation
    • Use
    • Communication about products’ sensory properties using sensory lexicons
  • Demonstrations and exercises – Sensory dimensions/properties
  • Demonstrations and exercises – Sensory lexicons


Have IRIS: International Resources for Insights and Solutions, LLC  ( IRIS) help you design workshops to address these and other needs.