╚► S1 -Project Management — Sensory Science and Consumer Research

 IRIS: International Resources for Insights and Solutions, LLC (IRIS)

combines its business savvy and technical expertise in sensory and consumer methods, experimental design, statistics and sensory consulting to effectively:

    •  Select/screen test products and/or variables
    •  Design the most technically sound and cost effective test and research approaches
    •  Manage/supervise the research/test execution
    •  Analyze and interpret data
    •  Extract relevant information to answer technical and business questions


Methodologies and Sensory Consulting:

  •  Discrimination and descriptive tests
  •  Qualitative consumer tests: traditional (focus groups; one-on-ones) and innovative (observational, projective)
  •  Quantitative consumer tests (CLTs and HUTs)


Examples of projects:

  • → Drivers of liking
  • → Insights and understanding of consumer language
  • → Optimization
  • → Claim support
  • → Category appraisals