╚► Sensory Evaluation Courses and Workshops

  Sensory Evaluation Courses and Workshops
Sensory and Consumer Science


Sensory Evaluation Courses in diverse sensory science and consumer research/testing topics are offered once a year by IRIS.
Participants have the opportunity to interactively learn relevant concepts from the instructors and other participants. Lectures, demonstrations and open discussions foster a rich environment for learning, participating and sharing experiences.


For over 30 years Alejandra Muñoz has taught public seminars/workshops in diverse Sensory evaluation and Consumer Rersearch topics . Thus,  Ms. Muñoz  has been an influential key contributor in the continuing education of both domestic and international professionals in sensory and consumer sciences.

These and other workshops in diverse sensory and consumer topics with the desired breath and focus can be offered in-house to meet the client’s specific needs.

Contact us to request more details on these and other public or in-house courses
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