□ Establishing a Successful Descriptive Analysis Capability: INSIGHTS and SOLUTIONS

Workshop: Establishing a successful descriptive analysis capability: INSIGHTS and SOLUTIONS

This 3 day course is designed for Sensory/Consumer Scientists who are responsible for a descriptive program or use descriptive data, and wish to develop or improve the descriptive capability within their organizations.

A few of the topics/issues addressed are:

  • What is the process in selecting and training a first-class technical panel?
  • How do the descriptive method, panel leader’s role and product scope affect my training strategy?
  • What are the origins of all descriptive methods and current practices?
  • What are the strengths and weakness of different descriptive lexicons?
  • How do I effectively apply descriptive data to contribute to my company’s business needs and goals?


These and other relevant questions will be addressed in this intensive 3 day workshop.

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