Quality Control and Sensory Evaluation Programs (QC/Sensory)

 Quality and Quality Control Sensory Evaluation Programs (QC/Sensory)


Design and Implementation of Quality Control- Quality Assurance/ Sensory programs (QC/Sensory programs)
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The design and implementation of QC/Sensory (Quality Control Sensory) programs require a careful assessment of the plant conditions, characteristics and variability of the products to be included in the program, and the desired outcome/information.

Based on this assessment, the following steps are completed:

  • Assessment of program needs
  • Understanding manufacturing issues and partnering with QC, QA (quality control, quality assurance) and manufacturing professionals
  • Product variability
    • Design and complete product variability studies
    • Assess information to determine all program parameters below (e.g., specifications, method to implement)
  • Setting Quality Control/Sensory Specifications (management or consumer based)
  • Assessment and selection of the Quality Control Sensory Method to implement
  • Design of Program – QC/Sensory
  • Program Implementation: Select, orient/train the Quality Control or Quality Assurance/sensory panel (QC/QA Sensory panel)
  • Maintain the panel and oversee the use of data
  • Grow program


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