□ Research to test and understand Products

Product Understanding –  Diversity in Product Categories and Depth  

With 30 years of consulting experience in the field of Sensory Evaluation and Consumer Science
IRIS: International Resources for Insights and Solutions, LLC (IRIS)
has built expertise in a vast range of consumer product categories and materials, including

  •                       √  foods and beverages,
                              √   personal care  and cosmetics products
  •                           √   household products
  •                           √   heath care products
  •                           √   paper products
  •                           √   apparel
  •                           √   fragrances, flavors and food ingredients
  •                           √   packaging materials, foils, wraps, etc.
  •                           √   pharmaceuticals
  •                           √   tobacco
  •                        √    pet
  •                           √   other products

IRIS applies its extensive sensory product knowledge and expertise with above product categories to work with consumer products companies on:

  • Product sensory lexicons
  • Product bench screening and selection of products and prototypes for testing and program design
  • Product review and screening for the design of sensory/descriptive training programs for any product category
  • Product review and screening for the design of Sensory Quality, Quality Control and Quality Assurance Sensory programs based on the characteristics of the specific product(s) of interest
  • Product review and screening for the design of best-in-class sensory and consumer research and effectively select and test products and variables of interest
  • Product review for data interpretation
  • Other product-focused activities


Product Understanding – effectively apply product and sensory methodology knowledge to design best-in class sensory and consumer research programs and tests 

It is essential to understand the sensory properties of the company’s products to design the best sensory and consumer tests, design and implement the ideal discrimination, descriptive or quality and quality assurance training programs, set consumer specifications, and overall make the most appropriate technical and business decisions based on company’s products’ sensory properties. What are your objectives?

  • Document and compare your and the competitors’ products’ sensory properties  (Descriptive Product “Fingerprinting”)
  • Document your production variability
  • Use product variability information for reliable ingredient substitution, setting specifications or establishing a quality program,
  • Investigate your products’ consumer acceptance, wants and needs, and gather consumer insights
  • Understand and document general product differences in sensory properties through product screenings with your technical teams
  • Determine and design the best training programs for your discrimination, descriptive or quality programs based on your products’ sensory characteristics

IRIS assists its clients in obtaining answers to these and other product questions, based on its vast expertise in a wide range of consumer product categories and materials.


Product Understanding – Sensory Attributes/Lexicons and Training

All professionals across all disciplines and groups within the company (and not just sensory professionals) must understand and have the ability to communicate about the sensory properties of the products they work with.

IRIS assists its clients to

  •  Develop internal sensory product lexicons
  •  Teach product lexicons for effective communication among staff/company or panels
  •  Assist sensory professionals develop lexicons and training programs to teach sensory properties to non-sensory professionals within their organization