□ Sensory Descriptive Product Lexicons

Product lexicons and sensory language used by
trained panels, sensory and non-sensory professionals

Sensory descriptive lexicons represent the sensory terms/words/attribute names that qualitatively describe a product. Other terms for sensory descriptive lexicons include sensory vocabulary, sensory terminology or sensory language. 

Sensory lexicons represent the backbone of all descriptive evaluations. Therefore, the lexicon development is a key activity in descriptive analysis training programs.  In addition to the importance and uses of lexicons in descriptive analysis, sensory lexicons have other applications and uses within a company as described below


 Panel training programs and development of skills for lexicon development

The A5daptive Profile Method® places paramount importance to lexicons/language generation and the characteristics of the resulting lexicon/vocabulary.  The following is emphasized during The A5daptive Profile Method® descriptive panel training programs

  • Development of panel skills to generate sound lexicons and product language
  • Understanding  the characteristics of the different lexicons and their applications: comprehensive, simple, integrative etc.
  • Practice in developing diverse simple and complex lexicons

 Review and improvement of descriptive lexicons Many of the issues encountered with descriptive panels, such as poor discriminative ability or lack of agreement are often the result of poorly developed lexicons and ballots.

IRIS: International Resources for Insights and Solutions, LLC (IRIS) assist panel leaders in reviewing and improving existing lexicons to address panel issues and improve their quality



Sensory descriptive lexicons are used in the:

  •  Training of new sensory descriptive panels
  •  Design of consumer tests and questionnaires
  •  Implementation of other sensory programs, such as discrimination and quality panels
  •  Initiatives to ensure effective communication within company when sensory and non-sensory professionals learn/know the sensory lexicons for the company’s products they work with



Given the importance of sensory lexicons, workshops to develop and teach lexicons for sensory and non-sensory professionals are needed.

These workshops focus on the company’s product relevant sensory dimensions ; i.e., Flavor, Texture, Fragrance or Odor/Aroma, Appearance, Skinfeel, Handfeel, etc.

The characteristics of the lexicon workshops for sensory and non-sensory professionals are presented in SERVICES: Lexicons and STAFF TRAINING: Lexicons


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