□ Sensory descriptive Programs: Design, audit and growth/improvement

IRIS: International Resources for Insights and Solutions, LLC (IRIS ) with its extensive expertise in descriptive analysis and as the developer of the

 A5daptive Profile Method®

offers comprehensive support and consultation in all areas of descriptive analysis. 

Services range from the design and implementation of complete descriptive programs to the training of panel leaders, audit and improvement of existing descriptive programs, design of specific descriptive exercises for existing panels, panel performance and calibration, and all other support and services in descriptive analysis



 All of IRIS’ services in this area are described in SENSORY DESCRIPTIVE PANEL TRAINING.

The establishment of a sensory descriptive program involves

  •       Assessment of needs and resources
  •       Program Design
  •       Program implementation
    •  Training sessions
    •  Practice sessions
  •          Sensory descriptive panel validation
  •          Panel operation

IRIS as the developer of the A5daptive Profile Method® works closely with its clients to determine needs, and design, adapt and develop the best descriptive program for the company and the product categories to be included in the program.

IRIS with its extensive experience in Sensory Evaluation/Consumer Science,  descriptive evaluation and product screening has vast expertise and understands the nuances of product categories. IRIS has offered consultation in descriptive analysis and implemented descriptive programs in a wide range of consumer product categories and materials, including

  •   foods and beverages,
  •   personal care  and cosmetics products
  •   household products
  •   heath care products
  •   paper products
  •   apparel
  •   fragrances, flavors and food ingredients
  •   packaging materials, foils, wraps, etc.
  •   pharmaceuticals
  •   others



Sensory descriptive programs must be periodically reviewed/ audited.  The objectives of this review are to assess the improvements that are necessary, address issues encountered in the program or the panels, or to update the program with the current developments of descriptive analysis or due to the introduction of new products 

The A5daptive Profile Method® was developed to offer solutions to issues encountered with traditional descriptive practices.  Therefore, the review of an existing descriptive program allows the implementation of the improved A5daptive Profile Method®techniques and approaches

 IRIS: International Resources for Insights and Solutions, LLC (IRIS) assists companies in the review/audit of their descriptive programs or to address specific issues needing improvement.

Services include

  •  Descriptive program review/audit and improvement/growth
    • All elements of the existing descriptive program are reviewed and assessed, such as current lexicons, qualitative and quantitative references, reports, data analysis, etc.
    • Improvements of those program elements needing modifications are implemented
    • Development of selected training modules to address new products or new product Dimensions
  •   Review and improvement of lexicons and scaling procedures
  •   Review, improvement or development of new qualitative or quantitative/intensity references
  •   Review of panel performance and target improvement areas

Contact IRIS for more details or to explore how to review/audit  your sensory descriptive program, or elements of the program and implement improved and effective procedures from  The A5daptive Profile Method®