□ DESCRIPTIVE ANALYSIS. Sensory Descriptive Panel Data: Interpretation and Applications

Sensory Panel Results and Applications

Sensory descriptive panel results have extensive uses and applications, such as:

  •  Product Profile Fingerprinting Defining and documenting the sensory properties and signature of a product in terms of their specific attributes and intensities
  • Documentation of the competitive and own product portfolio to assess differences and similarities among products
  • Product research guidance
  • Product Optimization
  • Product matching
  • Use of descriptive data for consumer test design
  • Shelf life testing
  • Category reviews/appraisals, drivers or liking and uncover sensory spaces of opportunity
  • Interpretation/understanding of consumer responses through descriptive data
  • Establish quality specifications
  • Others

IRIS: International Resources for Insights and Solutions, LLC (IRIS ) designs and executes descriptive projects/studies, and completes comprehensive data analysis  and interpretation for above and other projects to .

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